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Established in 2003, Atlas Imports was founded by James Cosma, with the primary intent of exposing the US consumer to exceptional wines from the world’s most dynamic wine making regions. The portfolio includes wines from Argentina, France, Spain, Italy, and New Zealand. All of the wineries represented have a long history of wine making and Atlas Imports goes to great lengths to ensure the wines meet exceptional quality standards. The wines represented are consistently rated amongst the highest by top wine critics and trade publications year after year.

Atlas Imports is committed to working with wineries who have the following three components: family owned properties, properties with a tradition of making wine for at least 100 years, and lastly, to have a commitment to the environment-whether that is growing organically, using biodynamics or simple sustainable practices.


Atlas covers the nation with an extremely strong network of distributor partners. We believe that the wine industry is best served when the winery, importer and distributor all strive for a common goal that best serves consumer.

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